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lv427-designs reactor map 3 aliens agditc
Reactor Map 3
Reactor Map 3
Reactor Map 3
Reactor Map 3

Reactor Map 3

Sci Fi Modular Corridor 3d printable Terrain

Our Corridor sets are the perfect addition for your sci fi board, role-playing, war game or tabletop skirmish setup. These rooms and corridors are modular and can be used to create any style of space station or ship you wish.  They are designed for a fire-and-forget print where you set it to print and walk away.

This is our inspired 3d board for the game IGDITC by Galeforce Nine.

To allow for movement and wall thickness, the tile width is 39mm.

These designs  are stand-alone and for use in this line only. We recommend glueing them together. We will be releasing a FREE adapter to join these designs with our entire range of rooms and corridors.

Dimensions: 200mm *200mm *54mm (Large)

(Set to 32mm), Can be re-scaled to 85% for AGDITC miniatures.

Four piece tile containing all terrain features. 

Door prints seperately.

Co Designer: Scott Fairburn

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Coming Soon!