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United Kingdom

Licensed print partners endorsed by Lv427-designs.

We have connected with the following print partners as an option for individuals that do not wish the initial cost of purchasing a 3d printer and can not devote the time to setting up, proto-typing and testing to get consistent high quality prints.

We do not determine pricing. This can be affected by not only the filament cost, but the high number of hours to print our terrain because of the level of detail. One tile can take as long as 15-30 hours.

Make sure to let them know the scale you wish to print as our products are designed for 28mm. Those that wish to order Star Wars Legion 35mm scale need to indicate this to the printer and can expect to pay more for the larger terrain. Please indicate if you would like door tops.

Our print partners also carry other great scenery and terrain products, so be sure to spend a little time enjoying and checking out their website for these items.

Many of our 3d printers do their best to make great terrain. However, we do not guarantee perfect results as each company has different printers, standards, and settings they use. Please do your homework and read reviews and ask about the printers you are wanting to deal with before you consider this an option vs buying your own 3d printer and printing yourself.  

Castleford, UK