We are a small team of 3D designers and gamers that have been involved in miniature gaming for 20-30 years. We love nothing more than collecting, modifying, painting and finally playing games using beautiful quality tabletop terrain. Over the years, we have experimented with every way of playing our games; starting with simple 2 dimensional artwork templates, then 3D paper terrain, and finally thanks to 3D printers we have arrived here with a fully rendered customizable terrain experience.
About two weeks after our website launch we were contacted by a gaming company. Since then we entered into a strategic partnership and have designed for another IP that will be released into the retail market, we hope, by February/March 2020. We signed an NDA and were not allowed to discuss our arrangement. It is now understood that the changes to the designs for this IP does not affect Lv427-Designs work and we are now back bigger and better than ever. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.
The dimensions of each modular piece are 130 mm by 130 mm and 65mm High. The weight of each piece helps keep the formation together. Simply place the terrain side by side to form a square. Then on the outer edges, use our simple clips to hold them in place. The clips are found on the extras page. They are designs to fit snugly in place once painted.
You are entering into a labor of love and some commitment on your part. Each terrain piece takes anywhere from 10+ hours to print depending on your 3D printer and settings. The more detail and smoothness you desire, the longer the print time. We recommend printing a few pieces at a time and then painting them while your other pieces are being printed. In no time at all you will see your station start to take form.
We wanted a simple, very fast way of designing up a level and playing a quick game. In the past with our games, we would spend so much time deciding what terrain pieces go where, just to have them fall over or slide around the table during game play. Our system allows for a quick setup time. Just grab a corridor, get the design going, add a few rooms here and there, drop in the doors and you are done. Also storage is a breeze with this system -- using just any large box or plastic tote. No more pieces falling all over the place. It allows for much FASTER and simpler 3d printing where one is not printing out hundreds of pieces.
When we design a tile for our games, we start with the painting experience. We want lots of detail and depth to paint up. This could only be achieved by longer print times. Each tile takes anywhere from 12-20 hours to print, depending on the detail and features in the room or corridor. Due to the length of time it takes to print each tile, the overall cost would be to high to print the tiles and then ship them to you.
3D printers are more affordable than you think! We believe that now is the time every miniature gamer should be purchasing a printer. There are unbelievably good companies out there providing great terrain. 3D printers have come down in price and are more reliable than ever. If you used the current average charge of $2 per hour to print these, you can quickly see things getting very expensive with each corridor tile costing $16 - $40 to print. Some quick math details the difference. For an investment of a few hundred dollars and then printing just 10 of our tiles, you hit the same cost of having someone print them for you. But who wants to have a space station of just 10 tiles?
We want you to love your corridor terrain. If you have any issues downloading and enjoying our tiles please contact us. But the very nature of 3D design is there is no physical object to purchase, you are buying a file and that file is yours.
When you download a file from our store, you simply agree to not copy it, modify it, or use it for commercial use in which you charge for and make money in any way distributing the file. Each file or design is for personal use only and for your gaming pleasure. Enjoy!
Every 3D printer is different. Our tiles are designed to print easily with no supports. Recommended settings are .2 layer height, 12% infill, 2 bottom layers, 4 top layers and a starting speed of 60mm/sec or 100%. Then after the floor has completed you could look to increase your speed anywhere up to 140% of your printer. The prints are from the FLOOR up and depending on the slicer software my have to re-oriented. SUPPORTS ARE NOT NEEDED.  Feel free to use thin supports for the doorways. These settings work great for miniature games from 28 mm - 32 mm. If you want to use bigger tiles for taller miniatures such as Star Wars Legion just adjust the size by about 10%+.
We are a small team of 3D designers and miniature gamers and are always playing miniature games when we can devote time away from our families and work schedules. We are never happy with just what is and will always be striving to add more rooms, more detail, and everything under the kitchen sink to make our gaming experience more immersive and enjoyable. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US WITH ANY QUESTIONS OF EVEN DESIGN IDEAS. We love to hear from our customers. If you have any questions or would like to see something designed and available in our collection, drop us a line. Also feel free to share pictures of those beautifully painted stations with us. And above all else . . . enjoy the experience.
Yes we do. Listed on our main page is the first free file, "Corridor Last Stand". Simply download and check out the quality of our work before you buy.
We have designed these tiles to reshape the role playing terrain marketplace. They can be used for any game. When it comes to games, we believe all that matters is the starting forces, objectives and distances to an objectives. Everything else is flavour and with a few house rules can be made to adjust easily. Our tile systems can be used with any games. Currently we play all manner of Star Wars, Star Trek, Infinity, Space Hulk, Firefly, Terminator, Batman, and oh yes, we love our games of Alien using this system. So enjoy!
Honestly it came down to aesthetics, we love the way they look. We experimented with a cube design and seperate pieces to connect but that led to much longer print and setup times and was not worth the effort. If you want to print the tiles without raised doorways, simply stop the print at layer 54.10 .
We have an strategic partnership in place with Mike at Midwesttoken3d.com. Please contact him for further information on pricing and what tiles he can print for you. He does amazing work and has very high standards. MORE PARTNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON.
Since we are avid gamers, pricing was very important to us. But there are website costs, file transfer costs, credit card fees, accounting, and legal fees to consider on top of all our hours of design work. Not to mention the hours of website maintenance and providing support to our customers. We have been gamers all our lives and this is how we want to give back to the community.
This is something we get asked all the time. It is a bit of a logistical nightmare since we keep releasing more designs. We have no way of tracking what every individual gets with a “everything” bundle. So, yes, we can do it, we make a special pack price including a "25% DISCOUNT". You agree to our STL agreement by email. But, when we do updates, you may have to provide proof of what files you own by sending the odd one back. In the end though, we are very happy that people love our designs so much that they want "EVERYTHING".
YES, Yes you can. We are gamers and we get it. You want to get your feet wet and build a few corridors, then you get hooked and want more, but feel bad you wasted some of your hard-earned money. Well now you don't have to be concerned. We will refund the difference to anyone of our valued customers when you upgrade to the "EVERYTHING Bundle".