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imperial 4-way console lv427-designs
Imperial Corridor 4-Way
Imperial Corridor 4-Way
Imperial Corridor 4-Way

Imperial Corridor 4-Way

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Sci Fi Modular Corridor 3d printable Terrain

Our Corridor sets are the perfect addition for your sci fi board, role-playing, war game or tabletop skirmish setup. These rooms and corridors are modular and are designed for a fire-and-forget print where you set it to print and walk away. 

Quick setup time. Just grab a corridor, add a few rooms, drop in the doors, and you are done. No more pieces falling all over the place.

Feel like a prison this time, or medical bay. With over 240 designs to choose from, the sky is the limit.  No more getting bored with the same old terrain setups.

They can be used for any game or RPG. Star Wars, Star Trek, Infinity, Space Hulk, Firefly, Terminator, Batman, Aliens, ...


This design is 2 designs. One blank corridor and 1 with floor symbols and computer console.

Dimensions:  130mm* 130mm *54mm Height. - (Set to 28mm)

Co Designer: Scott Fairburn

 By Purchasing this STL file you agree to all the terms on the standard STL agreement page. Enjoy!