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Reviews So Far ....

- Oh My God! This is a dream come true for me!, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! ---- Adam V.

- Looks absolutely gorgeous!   Can't wait to get it on the battlefield!  People are gonna go nuts when they see it!  --- Tim Bailey

- Outstanding mate, not requiring supports is an absolute game changer." ---- Shaun, Combatzone Scenery

- Forget Tabletop Quality, these are convention quality tiles. Thanks sooooo, much. ---- Brian Vanschalk

- I have a set of these. They are amazing! I want more. I want all of them. --- Sereth Painting

- I am in love with the detail, it is a painters delight. ---- Chris Anderson

- They weren't kidding when they said long prints. But the level of detail is worth it. Keep up the great work!  ---- Dave Richards

- Finally I can have the Space Hulk game I always wanted with wider corridors and not just a flat piece of cardboard we have been using. Can't wait to get them all printed. Painting them is another matter. I may have to quit my job. lol. ---- Ed Mckelland

- I just love your stuff and want you guys to knock it out of the park!  ---- Daniel Wills


Thank you for all your comments.  The above are some of our favourites.

We have worked hard putting in over 1000 hours bringing this dream to reality. We hope you love your terrain as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. We thank everyone for taking the time to get in touch and promise many more designs are on the way.


The Design Team