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Corridor Last Stand "FREE"

Corridor Last Stand "FREE"

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Sci Fi Modular Corridor 3d printable Terrain

Our Corridor sets are the perfect addition for your sci fi board, role-playing, war game or tabletop skirmish setup. These rooms and corridors are modular and can be used to create any style of space station or ship you wish.  They are designed for a fire-and-forget print where you set it to print and walk away. This is a change from printing each section of the floor or room separate and clicking them together.

Our system allows for a quick setup time. Just grab a corridor, get the design going, add a few rooms here and there, drop in the doors and you are done. Also storage is a breeze with this system -- especially when printing without the doorway tops, using just any large box or plastic tote. No more pieces falling all over the place. Feel like a prison setup this time, or maybe a medical bay, just grab the tile and your ready to go.

They can be used for any game. Currently we play all manner of Star Wars, Star Trek, Infinity, Space Hulk, Firefly, Terminator, Batman, and oh yes, we love our games of Alien using this system. So enjoy!

Dimensions:  130mm* 130mm *65mm Height.

(Set to 28mm, Can be re-scaled)


If you have any trouble printing or questions about our designs, please get in touch at


All our designs "DO NOT REQUIRE SUPPORTS."

One piece tile containing all terrain features. 


Doorway Tops now print Separate (Optional)

Our latest poll show the majority of customers want no doorway tops. So now the doorway tops are optional and if desired can be printed separately and glued in place. This leads to faster, cleaner prints with no supports and easier storage.

By Purchasing or Receiving this STL file you agree to all the terms on the standard STL agreement page. Enjoy!


If you would like to get a better idea of just what you can design using our system make sure to check out our Mapper Software on the main menu. It's FREE to use and a lot of fun to play with. This will help you create the station of your dreams.  Enjoy!