Large Navigation Room
Large Navigation Room
Large Navigation Room
Large Navigation Room

Large Navigation Room

Sci Fi Modular Corridor 3d printable Terrain

Okay folks, just to be clear, we are just going to show you how to use our designs that can be used for any corridor sci fi system for the outstanding game Nemesis by Awaken Realms that we all love and play.

The designs for the larger 4 entrance cryo-chamber, bridge and engine rooms can be used for any existing setup. We want you to be able to pull the game apart and not print just for that game.
The rest of the Nemesis board is comprised off the following corridors and can be a mix of standard, long vent, industrial, reactor, or even alien corridors.

5 - Straight
2 - 2-way
7 - 3-way
2 - 4-way

Navigation - In development - B1 "This Design"
Engine Room - In development - E1-E3
Cryo-chamber-4 - In development -C1-C4

Expected Release1
Just in time for X-mas Holidays!
Release 2- Customized rooms
2022 Early Q1


Dimensions: 130mm *130mm *65mm Height.

(Set to 28mm, Can be re-scaled)

Six piece tile containing all terrain features. 

Chairs, blast shields and consoles print separately.

By Purchasing this STL file you agree to all the terms on the standard STL agreement page. Enjoy!

Coming Soon!