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Mapper Software

Mapper Software & DungeonPrint

Many of our customers have contacted us with the need to be able to create maps using our designs when planning out their RPG or gaming terrain table.

We have partnered with DungeonPrint studios and have arranged for all our designs to be listed for our valued customers absolutely FREE. 

This program will allow the user to design up any table they wish and then when done, be able to Save the design, and Print Out a handy report that will reference all the tiles you need to make your dream become a reality.

While this is a Patreon page by the designer Aaron Mulder, there is no need to purchase a membership. We have provided everything for you and will continue to update the software from time to time when new designs become available.

However, the curious amongst you will notice that there are many other designs from other companies listed, especially when dealing in the D&D genre.  Feel free to consider becoming Patron and supporting Aaron if this is an area of interest to you.

We recommend taking the time to study the Help Menu and starting your design by Setting the large grid to 90 by 90. This is under the [Grid] menu on the top left side of the screen next to the [Eye].

Also, with the exception of the Large Cargo Bay, Hanger Bay and Hanger Bay Expansion all large room tiles are one piece and side notes should be kept if changes were made to a room design. Example (using the vent room expansion to replace a large room tile) 

Once you follow the Link, click outside the main Patron Box. Then select the top left of the screen for the design you wish to use. It will prompt you to create a FREE ACCOUNT and get a EMAIL VERIFICATION CODE. Next, navigate the list of designers until you see Lv427Designs and select us.  That's it, we have provided for the rest. Enjoy, from the Lv427-design Team!