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Corridor Towers - Alien Infestation
Corridor Towers - Alien Infestation

Corridor Towers - Alien Infestation

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Introducing a new line of products for all you sci-fi fans.

  • Stackable
  • Open Ended
  • Compatible with existing designs

Run around our Corridor Hallways climbing ladders and darting in and out of sections looking for that special room marker that links to the Reactor Room you have been sent to destroy, or that Cryo-Chamber your friend is asleep in ....

Skipping between levels just got a whole lot more dangerous!

Great for AvP, Star Wars Legion, Space Hulk, Necromunda and any other sci fi game,

Setup the Corridor Towers Starter Set next to your existing lv427-designs map and link the two using our door markers.  Have fun dealing with 3 dimensions.

Print as many sections as you wish and switch directions and stack as high as you want.  


Side Section- 188mm * 132mm * 64 Height

End Section - 188mm * 67mm * 64 Height


Note:  We will be offering a sliced version for people with smaller print beds or for those that wish to scale up to 1.15% Legion Scale using a small print bed.  This version will require gluing the separate parts together.

Side Section- 94mm * 132mm * 64 Height

End Section - 94mm * 67mm * 64 Height

Note:  For those gamers that want even more room between levels. We have included a stackable 20mm spacer for the main floor and right and left stairs. The stair spacers will have to be glued in place.