Commercial Print License Agreement

Commercial Print License Agreement

Updated Sept, 02, 2021

If you are interested in a commercial licensing arrangement which would include the ability for your business to PHYSICALLY sell our products in your store or through your 3d printing business. This includes selling painted printed designs.

Please download our free file "Corridor Last Stand" on the first page to check out our design work.  

Feel free to purchase whatever files you wish, in order to test the waters and see if we are a good fit for your business.  We ask that you purchase these files at full price without the use of discount codes which are for our customers printing for personal use at home. Then, if you wish, you may do the following. 

When you have purchased from us $400 US of our designs you may enter into a commercial agreement with us.  

This Commercial Agreement would include: 

  • Design feedback into our meetings.
  • Advertising of your web-page or business
  • Increased web traffic and brand awareness
  • Future early access to new designs if desired.
  • We offer a no royalty or fee arrangement.
  • Design updates on already purchased tiles.
  • Mention in our video reviews with links to your website
  • Links from our [print partner] page on our website.
  • The ability to sell PHYSICAL prints of our designs.
  • Future designs may then be purchased as needed by you.
  • Our products are displayed on your web-page with links to us.
  • The possibility of a tile designed you always wanted to see!
  • A desire to offer your customers high quality prints.

We realize that a business may not have a website and operates solely out of their home.  In this case they would not need our links, reviews, or mention in our newsletter or battle report.  However, we still ask a $200 purchase arrangement to be able to sell the physical prints since this is a royalty free agreement.  If in the future,  the business does open a webstore they will be able to access our full support and pay the remainder of the agreement. 

If you are interested send us your information and we will review your website or store information.  We strive for the highest standards for our customers so only apply if you feel you can print consistent high quality prints.  

We are listing these alliances in order of contact with us.  There will be limited number of print partners at this level to protect our partners from over saturation in the market place.   

Actual Store front Location: 

The one exception to the rule is that if you are selling our printed designs through a brick and mortar or actual storefront location then a 10% commission is required on the selling price of the design.  If you have a store and are charging customers for our designs you can afford to pay the commission vs businesses that operate out of their homes and do not have the high customer traffic to support them. This includes on-line or internet sales through your website. 

Steps in Commercial Agreement application:

  • Send contact Email to us.
  • We will review your website or business. 
  • We will send the legal Agreement/Contract for you to sign.
  • You email the signed Contract back.
  • Welcome Aboard!
  • We will offer support if needed.

We are a company that believes in integrity and transparency. If you are interested in this strategic partnership please contact