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AvP Boardgame Info
AvP Boardgame Info

AvP Boardgame Info

AvP Boardgame Package for "AvP The Hunt Begins by Prodos"

This is a collection of our tiles that can be used to recreate the boardgame in 3d for all you AvP fans that own this amazing game.  This package has been created from our existing collection of over 420 rooms and corridors. 

It is designed to give you the minimum number of tiles you would need to play mission 1 of AvP The Hunt Begins.  Medium rooms were chosen for smaller table area setup and faster printing.

As the missions continue, just print more of the corridor tiles. Feel free to change any of the corridors or rooms with others that we have available. 

The list of designs one would need are:

  • Starter Corridor Set
  • Alien Corridor Set
  • Alien/Marine Straight Corridor
  • Medium Bridge
  • Medium Cryo Room
  • Medium Escape Pods
  • Medium Engine Room
  • Medium Weapons Room
  • Predator Entry Pod
  • Scatter crate terrain.

This package is the vision of Jason Ropp of the AvP Youtube channel and has been created for him and his many fans of this game. Stay tuned for on-going setup and painting videos and battle reports.

You can print a majority of the tiles with just the Starter Corridor Package, then just add the rooms as available.  ETA-- March 2023.

Dimensions: 130mm *130mm *54mm Height. per tile

(Set to 28mm) - Recommended at 1.10% for re-scaling if you are concerned about the number of miniatures on one tile. The current 28mm works fine and can be used for other games as well. 

One piece tile containing all terrain features. 

By Purchasing this STL file you agree to all the terms on the standard STL agreement page. Enjoy!

Available Now on the preceding AvP menu!