"Everything BUNDLE"

"Everything BUNDLE"

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This is something we get asked all the time. It is a bit of a logistical nightmare since we keep releasing more designs. We have no way of tracking what every individual gets with a “everything” bundle. So, yes, we can do it, we make a special pack price including a "25% DISCOUNT". You agree to our STL agreement by email. But, when we do updates, you may have to provide proof of what files you own by sending the odd one back. In the end though, we are very happy that people love our designs so much that they want "EVERYTHING".

Currently this bundle is a collection of 80 tiles...

However, we are always adding new designs that are not included in this bundle and would have to be purchased separately in the future.  This is a collection of whatever is currently available.

This package also includes re-design updates, design feedback into our meetings with the possibility of a tile designed you always wanted to see! 

Also, if you already purchased some of our products and wish to upgrade to an "Everything Bundle", contact us and we will refund the difference.

By Purchasing this collection of STL file you agree to all the terms on the standard STL agreement page including the right off no charge backs and that you will not modify, copy, or distribute these files for commercial use.   Enjoy!

The 25% Discount will be applied at checkout.

We are a company that believes in integrity and transparency. If you are interested in the "Everything Bundle" please contact sales@lv427-designs.com.